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Tournedos and Lobster
Restaurant Red, with its unique concept, lobster and tournedos, is the hotspot in the heart of Amsterdam and brings you a warm "Parisian" ambiance. Located in a beautiful canal house, where the Keizersgracht crosses the new Spiegelstraat, the restaurant has been a must for culinary lovers of lobster, tournedos, champagne and fine wines for more than 10 years. Red is renowned for its hospitable service, informal ambiance, friendly prices and high quality.

Dine at home with restaurant RED

If you can't come to us, we will just come to you, right? Eating out at home, that's what we liked at Restaurant RED.

And so it happened: RED on tour! That means our characteristic lobster touros concept packed in friendly priced 3-course boxes delivered to your door. Choose from the Lobster, Steak or Vega Box. The same quality in a slightly different ambiance. The chefs do all the culinary preparation - with of course observing the strict RIVM measures - so that you only have to give your dinner a little extra. That is extensive dining without having to leave the house. Eat out at home whenever you want. From an evening to unwind indoors with a husband / wife and the kids to a birthday or romantic dinner for two. And all at the kitchen table! Or prick a fork from the couch while watching Netflix, just what you want.

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RED on tour is a brand new concept. That is why, as we speak, we started to roll out 'eating out' at home close to home. * That means that for now we are focusing on home delivery of RED's 3-course boxes in: Amsterdam, Haarlem, Aerdenhout, Bentveld, Heemstede, Overveen, Bloemendaal. If you live here and order before 14:00, we can be on the doorstep that same day. Or another day, that is also possible.

New! From May 7 we also deliver on Thursday and Saturday in Laren, Bussum, Naarden, Hilversum and Blaricum!

Are you outside the delivery area? No worries! Call 020-3201824 or mail to info@restaurantred.nl, and collect your box (s) from us at Keizersgracht 594 Amsterdam. Open daily from 12:00 to 21:00.

* We certainly do not exclude that we will continue to expand RED on tour. Keep an eye on our website and socials!

Steakwalk & Lobsterwalk

Enjoy our delicious dishes while walking along the Amsterdam canals.
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Enjoy our delicacies while floating through the Amsterdam canals.

A 4-course dinner that is hoisted on board by our four restaurants. You determine the route and the dishes together with your group. Or vice versa, whatever you want. You are literally and figuratively at the helm of your own dinner. Just how the wind blows!

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Beelden als deze verkopen zichzelf. Dank je wel lieve, getalenteerde @dochtervandechef! 📸
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We moeten dan wel onze deuren om 20:00 uur sluiten, maar dat neemt niet weg dat er voor die tijd niet urenlang plezier aan tafel kan worden beleefd. En ook voor een flitsbezoek zorgen we dat het je aan niets ontbreekt. Zien we je binnenkort? 🍷 
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In het weekend pakken we uit. Of, nouja, jij dus! Croissants, yoghurt, lobster for breakfast. Geluksmomentjes! ♥️
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De herfst heeft haar entree gemaakt. Dagen worden korter…en zo ontzettend lekker knus! ✨
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Wat we maken en hoe we het maken, daar maken we geen geheim van. Pure ingrediënten, vleugje liefde. Meer poespas hebben onze lunch- en dinargerechten niet nodig ♥️
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All-day-every-day spot. Yes, dat zijn wij! Lekker plekkie wel hè? 
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